Here are some of the things our satisfied customers have to say:

“Your company has provided an invaluable service to the Village Building Department, the Village as a Whole, and other departments that rely on our providing parcel information and permit issuance information. Title companies are delighted how fast we can confirm building certificates of occupancy and alterations on any particular address. The Microsoft application that you created to query the scanned-in digital directory card database is exceptional.

The Building Department is grateful and pleased with the professional service you have provided and look forward to doing business with your firm in our future endeavors in records management, retention, and retrieval. Thank you again for creating form out of chaos.”

“Your document imaging consulting and scanning services have enabled us to improve our medical records filing process significantly. The medical records DCI converts to the digital file format allows the doctor and other staff to review medical history at the PC and subsequently provide improved customer care.

Document Conversions Inc. has converted thousands of our medical records to the digital format. The space savings of these digital file allows us to grow our practice without adding space requirements for the medical files.

We appreciate the document scanning services you provide. The quality of the image and the professionalism and service of the staff and management at DCI are welcome and refreshing.”

“By partnering with Document Conversions Inc. and transitioning to image filing systems we have significantly increased our efficiency in document retrieval and organization, in addition to reducing the space and paper required to manage our files.”

“Your recommendations and understanding of our records management challenges regarding the different characteristics of our paper (ie: memos, tickets, ledgers, contracts, etc.) and your assistance with the proper selection of scanning software and hardware to accommodate these needs was a huge help in getting yet another project off the ground. Thanks again DCI, our “Go To” vendor when it comes to these special projects.”

“The image capture services provided by Document Conversions Inc. has enabled us to access thousands of Policies at the desktop, while minimizing the space and resources needed to manage and store these files.  The ability to readily retrieve our Policy documents is a valuable resource in our efforts to grow our revenues and to provide improved customer services to our clients.”

“As a result of our experience using the digital file as a component of our records management process, we plan to use your services for other records and departments.”

“Your knowledge and experience with these title files assures us as the underwriter that the document imaging process you provide enable an improved records management system and satisfy requirements of the agents and the underwriter. It is also reassuring knowing that once the imaging process is completed, no additional software is needed to access the library of title files. We are confident in recommending DCI to our agents and in your assisting them to realize the benefits of imaging.”

“Your expertise in document imaging has been extremely helpful, having never scanned files before, we knew nothing about the process, and you made the transition from paper to disc very easy.”

“The service your company provided our Village was exceptional from when the project commenced until completion. Scanning the Building Department’s Plumbing, Demolition, Building, Sidewalk, Fence, and Street Opening permits cut down on the additional paperwork to be stored in the office. Ease to access files added to the department’s readiness and efficiency to assist the residents and business owners. The DCI staff always acted in a professional manner and made the conversion process a positive and rewarding experience.”

“We had a project dropped in our laps at the last minute with an impossible deadline. We reached out to and contracted Documents Conversions, Inc. for  the conversion of thousands of files , and DCI  baled us out again. The project was completed ahead of the deadline.  Thanks DCI!”

Customer Case Study # 1.

Up until six years ago, our records management system included storing over 50,000 records in a central storage area in filing boxes on shelves.  The area  had more than 3,000 boxes and consumed well over 5,000 feet of space.

File retrieval was  a huge problem. Clerks often had to use a ladder to remove boxes from the shelving. The boxes were heavy and cumbersome and subsequently, a danger to our most valuable assets: our staff and our client information. We contracted with DCI for records scanning services,  and within 6 months we eliminated the storage room and the associated costs ( rent, shelving maintenance, boxes, difficult to retrieve). More importantly, we now have access to any of our client records at the desktop. We can now retrieve records using search by key words or terms from within the thousands of files and have results at our PC desk within seconds.

DCI is now the “go to source” for all scanning and consults for all our  document management initiatives.

– CM  Insurance

Records Room





Customer Case study # 2.

In our very business medical practice, we treat more than 200 patients per week. The need to access  notes and test results  information from the patient history chart  is critical to our ability to understand and  treat patients. The challenge  to store and manage patient information was overwhelming when our Records Management process was paper in file folders/charts on open shelf filing.

Over 8 years ago, we contracted with DCI to convert these thousands of patient records to the digital format.  DCI scanned these files and coded/indexed so that we can now  access patient history information readily at the PC in the examining room. The space previously used to store records now serves as examining rooms. We can treat more people, (more billable services) and employ DCI to scan all new records on an annual  cycle.

We have recommended DCI to a number of associated providers who now also enjoy the benefits of digital document filing for critical records and information.


file system




“We were paying a lot of money for space in a large office building, but thanks to Documents Conversions, Inc. we were able to transfer years and years of paper into electronic media.  The real estate costs far outweighed the very reasonable conversion rates – – – which were by far more competitive than any of the other quotes we received. “If it hadn’t been for Documents Conversions, Inc. scanning services, we would still have a huge hard-copy file area, where we now have 26 additional staff members we hired.  Thank you DCI!”