Below is a listing of some of our core services.  If you are looking for additional document services or specific help for your needs, get in touch here.

Core Services

  • Document Scanning

    Electronic Scanning is a process of digitizing the page and transforming it into an image that can be recognized by the computer. Electronic formats encompass digitized images and character coded documents and data in a format providing excellent retrieval functionality, by allowing for viewing at the PC. Digitized images allow for a more productive business process for paper bound information.DCI - scanning

    To participate in the world of Global communications on the internet, it is necessary that files be digitized to facilitate transport, access, and distribution. Electronic images are output to a variety of digital formats including: TIFF, PDF, and JPEG.

  • Data Entry

    How documents are used influences how they are identified and indexed. Document codes are a method of sub-categorizing documents and images by type to enable retrieval and searching.

  • Records Storage

    Files and documents can be stored in the format appropriate to the application, legal requirement, and usage. Files can be stored electronically, in a microform, or as the original paper record.


  • Document Printing and Reproduction

    File room management, desk top publishing, and catalogue printing are a few of the services we provide through strategic partners.

Strategic Partners:

IDI, Rannsolve Co., Aresco, Gega Infotech, Penny Imaging-Cloud Computing